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Many years ago, Tim Webster set out to document – in words and photographs – Melbourne’s iconic and historic Queen Victoria Market. It wasn’t long before he realised, firstly, that the project would take him much longer than he’d anticipated and, secondly, that his subject wasn’t just one market but all such places all over the world. Market is a celebration of a system of trading, and way of life, that is both universal and centuries old. Somehow, despite the global march of shopping malls and convenience stores, traders’ markets refuse to die. In photographs that are rich in colour and texture, and words that make immortal the voices of authentic market people, Webster has captured something that is all the more precious because of its supposed obsolescence.The ‘Vic’ lives – and Webster’s painstaking, perceptive and reverent approach has ensured it has the tribute the place and its people deserve.
Alan Attwood: journalist; author; photographer; Editor of The Big Issue magazine

’Market is a truly beautiful book. It’s not only stunningly beautiful to look at; it is also a wonderful experience
just to touch it.’ Linda Groom: Curator of Pictures, National Library of Australia

Teh market book